Russian-born Zlata is pictured in Fifties style glam while still managing to bend herself in half. (Photo by Barcroft Media)

For many of us, simply bending over to touch our toes can be a difficult. But it's not a problem for the world's bendiest woman Julia Günthel aka Zlata (27). Russian-born Zlata can twist herself like a snake into the most extreme poses imaginable – and has broken numerous world records for her flexibility. The former gymnast, who is 5ft 8in, is so flexible she can cram herself into a 50cm squared box. Photo: Russian-born Zlata is pictured in Fifties style glam while still managing to bend herself in half. (Photo by Barcroft Media)
25 Oct 2013 08:21:00
Meet the World's Most Flexible Woman Julia Gunthel Aka Zlata

Julia Gunthel aka Zlata is just a lovely person who lives and operates in Germany. She is just 27 year-old and is considered to be the absolute most flexible/ bendiest person in the world. Remarkably she is also included in the Guinness Book of Records for a bit. Julia can very quickly hide in a package of 50x50 cm. She currently broke many earth files simply because of her unbelievable flexibility.
30 Dec 2013 08:38:00
Disappointed Cat aka Foo-Chan

Disappointed Cat aka Foo-Chan is a three-year-old Chinchilla Golden has a heavy-set brow, causing him to appear depressed; his gloomy disposition has gone viral on a Japanese forum, where he's been praised as "cute, but troubled" or "worried all the time".

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03 Sep 2013 11:03:00
Photographers: Trini aka Trini61

“When We're Gone... Memories Of Us Are All That Remain”, 2011. (Photo by: Trini61; Source: Flickr)
14 May 2015 06:00:00
Thecacera Pacifica AKA Pikachu

If you ever wanted to meet a live Pikachu, you might have a hard time finding one. However, there is a creature on this Earth that kind of looks like one. That creature’s name is Thecacera pacifica and it is a species of a sea slug. These little critters can be found in the Indian Ocean from African coast to Indonesia and Vanuatu. Their vibrant orange and blue colors look gorgeous, making it look like some sort of anemone. Also, as you might have guessed from the striking colors of the sea slug, just like most of anemones, this creature is very toxic. Thus, keeping it as a pet isn’t an option.

19 Dec 2014 12:51:00
Dynastor Darius AKA Daring Owl-Butterfly

Meet the snake-mimicking butterfly (Dynastor darius). While this slick master of disguise may show off impeccable imitation skills, prior to taking on this serpentine appearance it was simply a furry, nondescript caterpillar, and it looked pretty much how you would expect any old caterpillar to look.
03 Jun 2015 10:34:00

Martin Joe Laurello, originally Martin Emmerling, was born in Germany around 1886. He was a sideshow performer who could turn his head a full 180 degrees. He performed with groups such as Ripley's Believe it or Not, Ringling Brothers, and Barnum & Bailey. He moved to America in 1921. He also trained dogs to do things such as acrobatics.
08 Oct 2013 08:34:00
Photographers: LSD AKA marco*paolo

“LSD Photo Advertising Studio is comprised of Marco and Paolo. They are photographers who compose, shoot and post-produce all of their images together. For over ten years, they have been creating images from start to finish. Marco and Paolo have different backgrounds of experience: Paolo started as an illustrator then a photographer, and now he’s at Marco’s side and in his head throughout shooting. In turn, Paolo does all the post-production with Marco in his head and at his side. Marco has always worked as photographer”. – Tim Mitchell
23 Feb 2012 10:07:00