It has been a difficult year, but we are still alive, and that is certainly a great achievement.

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Happy New Year! And now disco.
31 Dec 2023 07:12:00

“Why do you keep blowing the trumpet, young man?
You'd better lie in a coffin, young man!”

On that life-affirming note, let me congratulate you (yes, it's been a tough year, and the next one will be even tougher better). Happy New Year! And now disco.
31 Dec 2022 06:59:00

A New Year, New Hope
or, abandon all hope, ye who enter here? Intrigue!

But that's okay, we'll soon find out. Happy New Year! And now disco.
31 Dec 2021 06:11:00

Sofi Tukker x Amadou & Mariam – Mon Cheri (Official Music Video). “Mon Cheri” continues Red Hot's 30-year mission of fighting HIV/AIDS and supporting humanitarian charities through music, pop culture and global anthems.
28 Aug 2021 07:47:00

王梓鈺 (王梓钰) – 音阙诗听 – 惊蛰【24节气系列歌曲】. Wang Ziyu is a female singer from Mainland China and a member of the music club Yinqueshi Listening. Representative works include “Jingzhe”.
26 Jun 2021 10:06:00

에일리 (Ailee) – 보여줄게 (I Will Show You). Amy Lee, known professionally as Ailee, is a Korean-American singer and songwriter based in South Korea. On October 16, 2012, Ailee released her debut EP, Invitation, with the title track “I Will Show You”. The EP contained a total of six tracks.
21 Jun 2021 08:03:00

宇多田ヒカル (Utada Hikaru) –One Last Kiss. Utada Hikaru is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter and producer. By the end of the 2000s, Utada was deemed “the most influential artist of the decade” in the Japanese music landscape by The Japan Times. Utada's commercial success has made her one of Japan's top-selling recording artists of all time.
21 Jun 2021 07:19:00

Erzhena Zhamyanova (“Amar Sain” theater) and Buryat folk instruments orchestra – Dance Monkey. “Dance Monkey” is a song by Australian singer Tones and I, released on May 10, 2019 as the second single (first in the US) from Tones and I's debut EP The Kids Are Coming.
17 Jun 2021 06:37:00