A Tusken Raider with a cat. (Photo by Rohit Saxena/Caters News)

A humane society have drafted in Star Wars characters to help find adoptable animals new homes. The Ottawa Humane Society in Ontario, Canada, used the recognisable cosplay figures to adorably interact with the likes of dogs, cats and guinea pigs. Photographed by Rohit Saxena, the series featured a stormtrooper, a Tusken Raider and Garindan. Those photographed were members of the 501st Capital City Garrison, a Star Wars costuming group in Eastern Ontario. Here: a Tusken Raider with a cat. (Photo by Rohit Saxena/Caters News)
13 May 2015 11:59:00
BooBoo The Guinea Pig

Meet Booboo, the 2-year-old guinea pig. Her hobbies included eating chicory and posing for pictures. Described optimistically as ‘spirited’ by owner Megan, she can generally be found knocking about with her guinea pig crew, Titi and Teddy. But don’t worry, these gangsta guineas are lovers not fighters (didn’t the chicory give you a clue?). In fact, they’re pretty cerebral, often to be found quietly reading a book, or staring contemplatively into the distance next to a sprig of lavender, that kind of thing.
23 Jun 2014 09:08:00
Life in guinea pig land. (Photo by Colin Mclaughlin/Caters News)

This is one boy's amazing picture diary of his pet rodents doing very human tasks. Colin Mclaughlin, from Maryland, USA, has created a hilarious photo collection of his pet guinea pigs, Chester and Sam. (Photo by Colin Mclaughlin/Caters News)
12 Jul 2013 08:59:00
Guinea Pig Games 2013 Calendar

Even if you aren't that interested in the Olympic Games, we reckon you'll love these pics of our furry friends taking part in the Guinea Pig Games
19 Nov 2012 12:33:00