Levitation By Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

The essence of the “masterpieces” created by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo is in taking a famous architectural landmark placing it on a rock, and making it float over some body of water. Well… that’s pretty much it. Of course there will be some people who will look deep within these works of art, and catch the true meaning and intentions of the mastermind who created them, and maybe even purchase them for unreasonable amounts of money. But the rest of us, the common folk, will stare at it for a while, cringe, and move on without a second thought. (Photo by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo)
04 Dec 2014 11:25:00
Inside My Dreams By Achraf Baznani

Moroccan photographer and filmmaker Achraf Baznani carries on the traditions of Surrealism with his wild, imaginative, and wholly impractical imagery. Among his inventive scenarios, small human figures—often the artist himself—appear trapped within glass jars or the size of a camera lens; in other works, Baznani more or less dissects his body, as for example, in one, he cleanly removes his brain from his cranium, or in another, twists off his hand, much as if it were a light bulb. Imparted throughout such works are strong senses of humor and wonder, and as such, Baznani’s art offers a Surrealistic take on life experience in the digital age.
03 Aug 2014 12:04:00