Harajuku Girl Photo Shoot. (Photo by Tokyo Fashion)

“Harajuku is a district in Shibuya ward, Tokyo Prefecture”. – Wikipedia. Photo: Harajuku Girl Photo Shoot. (Photo by Tokyo Fashion)
12 Dec 2013 13:06:00
“Lip color”. Shibuya, 2012. (Asian (Street) Impressions)

“Lip color”. Shibuya, 2012. (Photo and caption by Asian (Street) Impressions)
20 Oct 2013 09:11:00
Hirari in Harajuku. Ran into one of my favorite street snap models in Harajuku, Hirari. (Photo by Tokyo Fashion)

Hirari Ikeda, a well-known Harajuku street fashion personality, on the street in Shibuya. (Photo by Tokyo Fashion)

28 Nov 2012 10:16:00
Tokyo Street Fashion

“In Tokyo, there are so many different fashion styles, cultures, and subcultures that it’s hard for even the most devoted fashion freak to keep up. Fashion photos from the streets of Tokyo”. (Photo by TokyoFashion.com; Source: Flickr)
27 Apr 2012 11:48:00