The Blind Owl With Stars Eyes

When you gaze into the eyes of this beautiful creature, you can almost make out constellations forming deep within. The name of this magnificent bird is Zeus, named after the Greek god of the sky for her one-of-a-kind eyes. The reason why she has such eyes is because she is blind. She was saved by a family in Southern California, when they found her injured on their front porch. After realizing that this poor creature is blind and unable to take care of itself, they took her to an animal hospital. After she healed up, everyone agreed that she should be sent to the Wildlife Learning Center. From that point on, Zeus has been happily living in the center. And though she cannot see, you can bet that her other senses are ten times as sharp. (Photo by Wildlife Learning Center)
24 Nov 2014 13:31:00
Dillon The Blind Cat

Dillon was born in the spring of 2013. He lived for four months on the streets near Boston, MA before being scooped up by the Animal Rescue League of Boston.
11 Sep 2014 13:52:00