Rubber Legs By Rauf Yasit

There are many types of hobbies. Some of them are strange, such as piercing your skin with huge metal hooks with ropes attached to them, and dangling yourself from the ceiling. Others might enjoy riding down huge mountain hills on skis, snowboards, mountain boards, bikes, etc. However, some enjoy pastimes that are more tranquil and meditative. For example, the art of contortionism is a very peculiar hobby that is usually practiced by women and children, due to the natural stretchiness of their tendons. Despite the fact that tendons of grown men are usually too stiff, a Berlin-based dancer is able to do amazing things with his body and is not afraid to show it to the world.
27 Feb 2015 14:35:00
Terry Crews Rips Off His Shirt For  New York Stock Exchange

The cast of The Expendables, L-R: actors Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Terry Crews attended the ringing of the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in NYC today. There is something so unsexy (not to mention suspect) about a male who constantly takes off his shirt to flex his muscles while in the company of other alpha males.
27 Nov 2013 13:52:00
 Paper Anatomy By Lisa Nilsson

These pieces are made of Japanese mulberry paper and the gilded edges of old books. They are constructed by a technique of rolling and shaping narrow strips of paper called quilling or paper filigree. Quilling was first practiced by Renaissance nuns and monks who are said to have made artistic use of the gilded edges of worn out bibles, and later by 18th century ladies who made artistic use of lots of free time. I find quilling exquisitely satisfying for rendering the densely squished and lovely internal landscape of the human body in cross section.
14 Apr 2013 11:07:00
Cathie Jung - Smallest Waist

Cathie Jung (born 1937) is an American Victorian dress and corset enthusiast residing in Old Mystic, Connecticut, United States, who currently holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest waist on a living person. Jung, who is 1.65 m (5 ft 6 in) tall, has a waist that measures 38.1 cm (15 inches).
01 Mar 2013 12:01:00