Underwater Concept Car sQuba

March 11, 2008 Swiss car manufacturer Rinspeed made quite the splash at the Geneva Motor Show with its innovative sQuba, a fully functional submersible concept car that cost $1.5 million to build. (Photo by Rinspeed)
05 Mar 2015 08:58:00
Toyota Urban Utility Vehicle Concept

Makers, meet your DIY dream car. Toyota‘s Calty Design Research Studio just unveiled its brand new Urban Utility concept car – an ultra flexible vehicle with a transforming interior designed to meet the needs of today’s on-the-go makers. Toyota packed an amazing amount of space into a footprint the size of a compact car. The U-squared can seat up to four passengers, or you can fold down three seats and roll out an array of racks, movable rails, and storage trays that can accommodate everything from surfboards and bikes to bulky equipment (like your homemade tesla coil).
19 Sep 2014 11:08:00
Innovative Bathroom Concepts By Gemelli Design

Bulgarian Twin designers Branimira Ivanova and Desislava Ivanova from Sofia-based studio Gemelli Design have sent us renderings of two innovative bathrooms concepts, “H2O in Geometry” and “An Oasis in a Sandstorm”.
17 Jan 2013 13:42:00
Mercedes-Benz Unimog Concept

How much do things change in 60 years? Sometimes the best answer to that kind of question is a picture. Here you can see an original Unimog (right), built sometime between the start of production in 1948 and 1951, when Mercedes bought the operation in order to expand it enough to keep up with demand. On the left is a “60th Anniversary” Unimog design concept, celebrating not the actual birth of the Unimog, but its purchase by Mercedes. Needless to say, the contrast between the two is… breathtaking. And if you’re curious about the evolution of this hugely influential vehicle, if you can’t help wondering how it grew from a (relatively) tiny, spartan utility vehicle to a garish, Mercedes-starred behemoth.
31 Oct 2012 11:24:00

This project is a phenomenological social interaction experiment that focuses on the relationship of giving and receiving by literally transforming a human into a camera. Touchy, (the person wearing the device) is blind most of the time until you touch his/her skin. Once vision is given to Touchy, he/she can take photos for you. This human camera, with its unique properties, aims at healing social anxiety by creating joyful interactions.
14 May 2012 09:03:00