Paper Coffee Cup Art By Miguel Cardona

San Francisco-based design professor Miguel Cardona is selling his custom-drawn “Sketchcups” at Café Sophie for US$20 a piece to benefit Project Night Night, a charity that donates baby blankets, books, and toys to children in homeless shelters. Cardona discusses the project in an interview with Coolhunting. If you'd like to purchase or commission one of Cadona's pieces for yourself, you can do so for US$30 at his Sketchcups Store.
31 Mar 2014 11:55:00
Bottom Feeders by Mary O’Malley

Created by ceramic artist Mary O’Malley, who studied in Philadelphia and now resides in Long Island, New York, the Bottom Feeders series is particularly inspired by childhood memories and her newly familiar surroundings next to the sea. By combining the imagery of sea creatures with the elegance of tea time, O'Malley envisions a whimsical occasion worthy of such fictional characters a Davy Jones and Alice.
22 Sep 2013 13:54:00