A man walks across a vat of water used to wash the hide. (Photo by Rezza Estily/JG Photo)

Sukaregang in Garut district, West Java, has long been a bustling center for Indonesia's leather trade, with some shops producing and selling various goods – including bags, shoes and jackets – since the 1940s. The industrial area is also a major supplier for high-end brands from across the globe, catering to the fashion, auto and motor-sports industry. Here: a man walks across a vat of water used to wash the hide. (Photo by Rezza Estily/JG Photo)
31 Mar 2015 13:29:00
Tattooed Leather Art By Punctured Artefact

Tattoos always seem to fascinate us, which is probably one of the reasons why Dionne Marshall has turned to tattooing patterns onto leather. The designs she creates are reminiscent of tattoos favored by people in Central America. Working with leather is a lot harder than working with paints or pencils. Unlike the latter, there is no room for mistakes when you make a tattoo. This is the reason why there are so few artists that specialize in creating art by tattooing leather. However, the results are definitely worth it, as this is a truly unique form of art with a primal feeling to it. (Photo by Dionne Marshall)
18 Oct 2014 06:01:00

REUTLINGEN, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 17: Students hang out finished parchment leather at the LGR (Lederinstitut Gerberschule Reutlingen) tannery school on November 17, 2010 in Reutlingen, Germany. Even in early antiquity and up their hair or dried goat and sheep skins were used as material for documents. In the small Asian city Pergamon these skins were processed in large quantities for this purpose, so they formed the main trading arm of the city, of which the name is parchment is derived. In medieval times, reached the parchment is of great importance, it was such as France's production under the supervision of the University of Paris. Even now, important documents, placed on their unlimited shelf life as possible large value (eg diplomas, addresses, memory, writings, documents for primary and keystones) written on parchment...
20 Nov 2011 18:17:00