Son And Dad Nicolas and  Weston Cage

Weston Coppola Cage (born Weston Coppola on December 26, 1990) is the son of Nicolas Cage and Christina Fulton. Weston appeared in Cage's film Lord of War as Vladimir, a young Ukrainian mechanic who quickly disarms a Mil Mi-24 helicopter. He also appeared in the vampire film Raven in 2009 and was featured on the soundtrack for the film Drive Angry.

Weston is lead singer of black metal bands Eyes of Noctum and Arsh Anubis (With the moroccan bass player Soufiane Elyamouni "Apophis" n the Egyptian Guitar player Alhussain Sherif "Izund" ). He has also created a comic book with his father, Nicolas Cage, called Voodoo Child, which was published by Virgin Comics in 2007.
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