Superhero Kids by Andy Fairhurst

Bat Kid

This is a series of illustrations by artist Andy Fairhurst of children's silhouettes as they pretend to be their favorite superheroes. They're awesome -- every single one (and there's 19!). Reminds me of when I was a kid on the school playground, swinging around on the tetherball rope pretending to be Spiderman. *sniffle* Nobody would ever play superheroes with me. "You weren't a very popular kid, were you?" You sh*t your pants in class ONE TIME.
28 Dec 2012 12:55:00
Early Versions Of Famous Characters

Shrek, ‘Shrek’
07 Sep 2012 10:56:00
Cheburashka 2. 2011 - Help Japan

Cheburashka 2. 2011 - Help Japan

We all play the good guys as kids, but far from all of us grow up to be good, upstanding people.

Oleg Dou
23 May 2012 03:20:00