Beautiful World By Artem Rhads Cheboha (video)

Russian illustrator from South West of Siberia Artem Chebokha creates surreal digital paintings that have a peaceful yet grandiose feel to them.
07 Nov 2016 02:58:00
Skull Art By Ali Gulec

Istanbul-based Ali Gulec is a graphic artist with a difference. His surreal illustrations are like identikit drawings aiming to prosecute the material arts. Working on the margins of what is possible with his medium, Gulec's forms, figures, and situations are remarkable for their clarity and strength of purpose, and maintain an iconographic intensity that would make any rock band bereft of an album cover salivate with admiration.
17 Feb 2016 08:00:00
Melted Ice Cream By Michael Massaia

Michael Massaia's photographs are as nostalgic as they are disturbing. His long-exposure images capture a subject matter familiar to most. From a SpongeBob SquarePants popsicle to a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich, he frames the frozen treats most people's summer memories are made of. Yet, Massaia doesn't just realistically render his ice cream. He distorts the childhood favorites by melting them before his lens, until the pops resemble ominous pools of paint or celestial snapshots.
09 Jul 2015 08:32:00
Surreal Drawing By Anil Saxena

Anil Saxena from Mumbay, India creates amazing photo manipulations using Photoshop. These surreal photos will truly amaze you. Anil started out doing conventional darkroom photo composition and retouching them before moving these skills over to Photoshop. He is a true perfectionist: “If the image is a success but my work goes unnoticed, I’m doing my job well.” says Anil. I think we definitely should notice these works, because what he does is amazing!
14 Jun 2015 12:34:00
Unique World By Anne Bachelier

Art Brokerage specializes in the original paintings of Anne Bachelier. B. 1949 - Anne Bachelier - Metamorphosis, transition, and evolution provide the common threads of the art of Anne Bachelier. The artist captivates her audience with compelling, highly imaginative images that are distinct, unique, inventive and immediately recognizable. Her metaphysical, dream-like fantasies evoke feelings simultaneously powerful, peaceful, and protective. This unique "other" world, untouched by time or place reminds the viewer of the eternal dance of transformation and regeneration.
09 Mar 2015 10:50:00
Sculptures By Hu Shaoming

The works of Hu Shaoming immediately catch the eye of the onlookers with their level on intricacy and uniqueness. To provide a glimpse into the intricate workings of vintage cameras he uses a very unique method. He made it seem as if the fine leather covering of the camera was opened by zipper, showing its innards. A similar technique was used on an ancient telephone, though there it looks more like an embellishment. The idea was so marvelously put into life that it seems as if those items can actually be zipped up, though of course that is not possible.
05 Mar 2015 11:31:00
Sculptures By Hu Shaoming

Hu Shaoming is a fantastic artist from China, who has learnt Fine Arts at Guangzhou Academy. The most complex sculpture of all his works is a mechanical seahorse, constructed from many tiny details. The whole composition consists of two complete opposites, including the top part of the seahorse`s head that looks like a golden town, and the bottom which resembles an amazing blue creature. An important problem is reflected in such an idea; it shows how a man forces the nature into submission. The contrast in the opposition of the human buildings and conquered Mother Nature suggests the thought of keeping our natural environment safe.
01 Mar 2015 13:02:00
Surreal Photos By Robert Jahns A.K.A. Nois7

A not-so-famous photographer Robert Jahns can do impossible things with common photos. He takes two pictures and joins them into a single composition. Thanks to this creative idea, which is based on the combination of contrasts, ordinary photos become interesting and attractive. Jahns combines several pictures into one seamless scene. A leafless crown of the tree, layered onto deer antlers, creates a real and natural continuation of the deer`s head. Likewise, a rollercoaster with an overview of the city frightens us by being very realistic. (Photo by Robert Jahns A.K.A. Nois7)
21 Jan 2015 13:07:00