Leopard Attacks Villagers In India

A wild leopard mauled six people in a village in rural India, including police and forest rangers. The attack happened yesterday in Prakash Nagar near Siliguri in West Bengal, a village of about 3,000 people. The leopard was finally tranquilized and died at a veterinarian's office from the barrage of blows from the police and forest rangers.
27 Aug 2014 14:12:00
Massive Landslide Buries Remote Afghan Village

Last Friday, in Afghanistan's mountainous northeastern province of Badakhshan, an enormous landslide took place, burying much of a small village, and killing hundreds. Officials say that at least 300 residents of Abi Barik village were killed, but are uncertain about exact numbers, cautioning that the final number could be 500 or more. Rescue teams gave up hope on Saturday of finding any survivors, focusing energy on helping the hundreds suddenly made homeless. Many of the surviving families have struggled to get aid. Some have gone to nearby villages to stay with relatives or friends, while others have slept in tents provided by aid groups.
30 May 2014 11:27:00
Chinese Villagers Zip Line

This cable ropeway suspended between cliffs is the only access to Yushan village in Hubei Province, Chin, which has a population of just over 200 people. The ropeway was built in 1997; before that villagers faced a walk of several days to get to the next nearest village. The ropeway, which is powered by a diesel engine, is 1,000 metres long and 400 metres above the valley floor.
14 Mar 2014 15:22:00
San-Zhi – The Pod Village – Taiwan

San Zhi, Taiwan is an abandoned vacation resort on the northern coast of Taiwan. It was built in the early 1980s, but construction of the futuristic resort ceased after a series of fatal accidents.
Even though it never opened as a vacation resort, San Zhi can still be toured. The strange pod-like buildings act as a tourist attraction. The colors of the pod-like buildings depend on their location. The buildings in the west are green, in the east pink, in the south blue, and in the north white
11 May 2013 10:27:00
Abandon Village: Doel, Belgium

Doel is a 700 year old village on the river Scheldt in Belgium. Near to the local nuclear power plant, with its two giant cooling towers, it became the target for demolition not once but twice in order to make way for the ever expanding harbor. The successful protest groups of the seventies could not compete in the 90's and as residents began to leave, the government refused to rent out the properties again and instead let them fall into disrepair. On the 23rd of March 2007, the government decided that the village would be demolished by 2009 and in June 2008, residents received a letter informing them that they were to vacate their homes by the 1st of September 2009.
20 Mar 2013 11:33:00
Korowai People

The Korowai, also called the Kolufo, are a people of southeastern Papua (i.e., the southeastern part of the western part of New Guinea). They number about 3,000. Until 1970, they were unaware of the existence of any people besides themselves.
17 Mar 2013 12:45:00
Tribe Kikuyu With Kenya

The Kikuyu tribe, also spelled as Gikuyu, is the largest ethnic group in Kenya, making up about 22% of the countries total population. That equals around 6 million people, according to the 2007 CIA World Fact Book.
28 Jan 2013 12:36:00
The House In The Woods By Kai Fagerstrom

The stoves in these deserted houses are now cold, but their rooms have attracted new inhabitants from the nearby woods.
24 Jan 2013 14:47:00