“I’m not scared of breaking the fourth wall”, Wallace has said of the photos where the subject is clearly aware of him taking the shot. “If they are looking at you in a photograph most photographers will think, oh, that’s not a good image. (But) people like to be involved and in the picture. You can see what they are thinking, see them talking”. (Photo by Dougie Wallace/The Guardian)

In Dougie Wallace’s photos of Mumbai taxis, the chatter, yelling, and constant horns of the city are almost audible. A selection of his images is on show at Gayfield Creative Spaces, Edinburgh, as part of the Retina photography festival until 30 July. For four years, the Glasgow-born Wallace focused his photos on one kind of taxi in particular: the Premier Padmini, a 1960s workhorse painted in black and yellow. Locally known as “Kaali-Peeli”, there were once more than 60,000 of them in the Indian city. But thanks to laws restricting pollution, the cars now are fast disappearing from Mumbai’s streets. (Photo by Dougie Wallace/The Guardian)
13 Jul 2016 13:50:00
Road Wallah by Photographer Dougie Wallace

“Bombay’s once ubiquitous Premier Padmini taxis were introduced in the 60s and are dwindling at an alarming rate. This follows a decree banning vehicles over 25 years old from the streets to be replaced with “modern alternatives”. In a few years these iconic workhorses will be gone from Bombay’s streets altogether. It is important to capture this before it disappears and I see the road wallah's cabs as the time capsules that allow me to do this”. – Dougie Wallace, Bombay India, March, 2013. (Photo by Dougie Wallace)
27 May 2013 12:01:00
Travel Images by Photographer Dougie Wallace

London-based, award winning, Scottish, documentary and street photographer Dougie Wallace, “Glasweegee” grew up in Glasgow. He has lived in east London for 15 years but spends a lot of time travelling abroad in search of subjects.

P.S. Unfortunately, the author doesn't make comments on the photos, therefore it's necessary to guess where there are events: in Thailand, India, Russia or France. On the other hand, photos are very fine in itself, therefore it's absolutely unimportant. Seriously – the magnificent photographer. Enjoy!
19 May 2013 07:25:00