荻野目洋子 (Yōko Oginome) – ダンシング・ヒーロー (Dancing Hero (Eat You Up)) New Dance Version. Yōko Oginome (荻野目 洋子, born December 10, 1968 in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, Japan), real name Yōko Tsujino (辻野 洋子, Tsujino Yōko), is a former pop idol, actress and voice actress, who gained popularity in the mid-80s. The song that catapulted Oginome into the ranks of superstars was her 1985 release “Dancing Hero (Eat You Up)”, a cover of Angie Gold's hi-NRG song “Eat You Up”. After that song, almost every song she released was instantly popular, and she began to appear in commercials and on variety shows where her Eurobeat style gained even more exposure. “Dancing Hero” received a boost in popularity in 2017 after an Osaka Prefecture high school's dance club, Tomioka Dance Club (TDC) used it as part of their dance routine that is known as the “Bubble Dance” (named after the dance routine symbolizes the Japan economic bubble era) that went viral after performing it in a competition dressed in eighties attire.
15 May 2021 08:22:00