Illustrations Humor By Eduardo Salles

Eduardo Salles (Mexico City, 1987) is advertiser, designer, illustrator, writer and professor at the Miami Ad School. And a professional procrastinator!, he says. Ex Creative Director of Nike, Kit Kat and Red Cross Mexico. He has won awards as diverse as Cannes Lions (advertising), Walter Reuters prize (journalism) and Juan Rulfo Short Story Award (literature).
02 Jul 2014 11:13:00
“John Constables's «The Hay Wein» meets «Bender» from «Futurama»”. (Photo and caption by Dave Pollot/Caters News)

“John Constables's «The Hay Wein» meets «Bender» from «Futurama»”. (Photo and caption by Dave Pollot/Caters News)
07 Mar 2014 10:05:00
Humour Photography By Rene Maltete

René Maltête was a French photographer and poet. His pictures were based on the element of surprise and incongruity, often having a humorous and even philosophical side to them. At the start of his career, he often had to resort to manual labor as an addition to his to his profession in order to pay the bills. However, René's talent of seeing and being able to capture in time humorous moment of mundane, day-to-day life payed off in the end. Over the years, his works were published in a number of magazines in addition to numerous exhibitions that were held worldwide to popularize his work. (Photo by René Maltête)
23 Oct 2014 11:34:00
Realistic Celebrity Caricatures By Rodney Pike

Hi, my name is Rodney Pike and I am a Humorous Illustrator. I have a lifetime of experience in Fine Art and Graphic Design and Digital Illustration. I offer Photo-Manipulated Illustrations of all sorts but I specialize in Photo-Manipulated Caricature Illustration, Humorous Illustration and Political Satire, perfect for magazines, books, etc. My clients include companies such as FHM Magazine, Tennis Magazine, The Village Voice Magazine, Bauer Media, Miller Publishing Group, New Coast Productions and Catchphrase Entertainment. I am a member of the ISCA and NAPP.
Rodney Pike
23 Nov 2013 13:43:00
Flying Cars By Alejandro Burdisio

Alejandro Burdisio is an illustrator from Cordoba, Argentina who worked as an architectural illustrator in Argentina and abroad for over twenty years. Several years ago, he began to dabble in humor and cartoons. While still working as a draftsman, he developed an interest in fantasy art and started working with various publishers, video game makers and international newspapers. He has had his work published in the journal "The Murciélaga" and in 2010 published his first book of humor, "Burda World". Burdisio provides illustration workshops and seminars at the Faculty of Architecture at the National University of Córdoba, in Argentina and participates in many artistic events.
19 Aug 2014 17:10:00
World’s Best Father  by Dave Engledow

“World’s Best Father” is a series of photographs made ​​by Dave Engledow with the participation of his daughter Alice Bee. This series multiplies the images in father-daughter staged comical and humorous
22 Oct 2012 03:47:00

Ленинград – Ueban. Necessary explanation: “Ueban” is a very offensive word in Russian. Approximate translation: stupid, inept person. Obviously, humor is in contrast with the handsome man from Bollywood (by the way, the Indians made the clip, and this is noticeable).
14 Jan 2019 11:11:00
Street Stone By Alexis Persani And Leo Caillard

French art director Alexis Persani has collaborated with french photographer Leo Caillard to create a series of in vogue sculptures, entitled “street stone”. The ensembles are achieved through image manipulation, using photoshop to digitally dress the statues in the latest fashion trends. Persani and Caillard created the project as a humorous take on the contrast between contemporary and classic culture, demonstrating the vast metamorphose society has undergone, and continues to.
12 Oct 2013 10:55:00