Shadow Doodles by Vincent Bal

Belgium-based filmmaker Vincent Bal turns shadows into opportunities to daydream, creating doodles out of the various shapes.
15 Nov 2016 13:39:00
"The Amazing GIFS Of Romain Laurent

French photographer and director Romain Laurent started making portrait-based GIFs as a way to produce work outside his commercial jobs, a spontaneous project that would encourage him to produce consistently for himself rather than clients.
26 Oct 2016 20:09:00

♫ ♪ ♬ Dumb Ways to Die...

♬ ♩ ♫ So many dumb ways to die...
03 Nov 2014 19:03:00
Funny Photography By Adrian Sommeling Part 2

Adrian Sommeling is a superb talented photographer and photo manipulator, who shoot amazing photographs with humour and creative.

See also: Funny Photography By Adrian Sommeling Part 1
14 Jun 2014 12:11:00
Mr. Incredibeard And His Beard

Incredibeard is an Instagram showcasing a San Francisco beard-enthusiasts crazy designs. Isaiah Webb, dubbed Incredibeard, has taken his hirsute super-powers to the extreme by making them into some pretty crazy art. Check them all out.
25 Feb 2014 12:40:00
"Bearded Disney Princesses By Adam Ellis

In order to celebrate Movember (mustache November), artist and blogger Adam Ellis slapped handsome, flowing beards onto some of Disney’s most famous princesses. The idea came to him when a fan commented on a bearded picture he had made of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. One bearded princess became twelve, and now this strange image series is all over the web.
For more art inspired by Disney’s beautiful damsels, check out Dina Goldstein’s pictures of real-life Disney princesses and these pictures of Grumpy Cat in the Disney universe.
13 Nov 2013 10:06:00
Sculpture By Jessica Joslin

More great and peculiar work from Chicago based sculptor Jessica Joslin. Joslin assembles her hybrid creatures from objects found in obscure junk shops, flea markets, attics, taxidermy supply houses, specialty hardware distributors…or even just walking through the woods. “Miniature machine bolts, springs and couplings comprise anatomical structures. Many of the beasts have hidden movements: a spring loaded beak, snapping jaws, jointed legs and adjustable tails. Some creatures are free-standing but have mechanisms to allow for movement or multiple positions.”
03 Nov 2013 14:28:00
Skullptures by Hedi Xandt

Hedi Xandt imagines impressive sculptures. Mixing styles and materials with talent, the artist invites us to discover his dark and intense universe.
15 Oct 2013 11:32:00