Cordwood Construction - Natural Building

Cordwood construction is a method of natural building that originated roughly one thousand years ago in Greece and Siberia. This method involves using pieces of wood that slightly protrude from the mortar, giving the walls an attractive appearance. Usually, the walls are made 12 to 24 inches thick. However, in some parts of Canada, the walls can be as thick as 36 inches. This method appeals to many people due to its ease of construction economy of resources. Cordwood Construction can be separated into two main types: mortar-insulation-mortar (M-I-M) and Throughwall. M-I-M is a more preferable and widely used choice as it allows for better insulating properties.
27 Nov 2014 15:10:00
All Natural Arts By Susan Beatrice

Sue Beatrice, of All Natural Arts, makes some amazing-looking sculptures from old watch parts.
22 Nov 2012 13:44:00