UNICEF: sl*t, Drunk, Dealer

A child who learns is a teacher who teaches.
02 Jul 2013 09:59:00
3year Old Wildlife Ranger Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker is only 3, but already he’s drawing comparisons to Crocodile Dundee because of his fondness for large reptiles.
09 Apr 2013 10:38:00

Cristian Fernandez has been incarcerated since March of 2011. He faces two separate trials – one of which carries a mandatory life without parole sentence if he is convicted. Cristian is 13 years old today, but he was barely twelve when he was arrested and subsequently indicted on first degree murder and aggravated child abuse by Florida State Attorney Angela Corey. The combination of charges allows Corey to seek life without parole, while eliminating the requirement that she prove Cristian intentionally caused his brother’s death.
24 Feb 2013 10:47:00
Little Girl and Tomcat By  Andy Prokh

So to say just stumbled upon amazing Russian photographer Andy Prokh and wanted to share these beautiful images under the series “Little Girl and Tomcat”. Check them out here
21 Dec 2012 13:14:00
Birth Of A Child by Patrice Laroche

How to Make a Baby by photographer Patrice Laroche and Sandra Denis, the mother of his new baby daughter Justine.
07 Dec 2012 15:24:00
Cristian Girotto – Adults As Children

Without bothering Jung and its "Puer aeternus" or Pascoli with its "Little Boy", we can certainly agree that, somewhere inside each of us, there's a young core, instinctive, creative but also innocent and naïve. What would happen if this intimate essence would be completely revealed?
02 Dec 2012 10:56:00