Norwegian Trolls By Ivar Rodningen Part 1

Ivar Rodningem is a professional illustrator, whose imaginative mind transports us into a parallel world where trolls roam the lands.

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19 Dec 2016 23:59:00
Amazing Cabin By Dan Pauly

Dan Pauly is a fourth generation wood-working artisan best known for his amazing rustic cabins made from reclaimed wood. The Minnesota-based craftsman builds saunas, sheds, bunkies and outhouses with his signature roof and chimney.
14 Aug 2015 11:30:00
Norwegian Trolls By Ivar Rodningen Part 2

Some people think of trolls as nothing but savage beast, yet others realize that beneath their rock-hard skin hides a gentle kind heart. Ivar Rodningem is one of the people who knows the true nature of trolls. Though these creatures look unruly, it is just the way they were born. Trolls come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large, and some are simply enormous. They help each other out, though elders tend to be loners, preferring the company of their own thoughts to anybody else. You shouldn’t run for your life if you ever meet a troll, though we wouldn’t recommend pestering them, as they are mighty strong, even the little ones.

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07 Mar 2015 12:05:00
Norwegian Trolls By Ivar Rodningen Part 1

Ivar Rodningem is a professional illustrator, whose imaginative mind transports us into a parallel world where trolls roam the lands. These creatures might seem scary at first sight, but in reality they are very docile and friendly, help each other and humans that they happen to meet. One of their characteristic features is of course their large noses and long tails. They are one with the nature, which is why it is almost impossible to see a troll if he doesn’t want to be found. Just like you and I they love having fun, though it is hard thing to do, considering their size.

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26 Feb 2015 20:03:00
Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculptures By Robin Wight

Sculptor Robin Wight couldn’t help but remember this phenomenon after noticing a distortion in a photo he took a few years ago. Inspired, he began creating what has become an incredible series of fairy wire sculptures.
28 Sep 2014 09:49:00
Fantasy Animals By Wood-Splitter-Lee

This deviantART artist Wood-Splitter-Lee creates her own animal sculptures without the use of any dead carcasses. The basis of each animal's shape is made out of materials such as wood, clay and chicken wire, and is then wrapped up in a soft padding. On top of that, she adds imitation fur that she hand dyes and as many details and decorative elements as she sees fit. The result are truly one-of-a-kind fantasy creatures.
30 Jun 2014 12:31:00
Paintings By Josephine Wall

Josephine Wall is an English fantasy artist and sculptor. Born in Farnham, Surrey, England in 1947, as a child she was always drawn to color, light, fantasy, and visual storytelling. Wall was influenced by Arthur Rackam illustrative ability, the surrealism of artists Magritte and Dali, along with the Pre-Raphaelites romanticism. She went to Farnham grammar school until her family Poole, Dorset when she was 14. There she studied at Parkstone (Dorset) grammar school, she then went on to study at Bournemouth College. Her first job as an artist was in 1967 at Poole Pottery as a designer and painter.
07 Apr 2014 12:26:00

Since his childhood, Czech artist Jan Patrik Krasny has been attracted to the dynamic style of comics, which has heavily influenced his science-fiction and fantasy illustrations. His collection features beautifully detailed images that are full of imagination.
16 Aug 2013 14:04:00