Old Roller Skate Sandals

Throughout time, people invented and reinvented rollerblades. Of course everyone’s dream was to combine them with regular footwear, so that at one moment you’re riding down the road, and in 5 seconds you’re walking into a shopping mall, without the mall cop chasing after you. The most resent inventions were heelys (sneakers with a wheel located in the heels) and Xsjados (aggressive skates, the exterior of which could be removed to reveal regular sneakers). In the past, people made similar attempts, however, these inventions were very inefficient and the trend never caught on. Omnia’C has found and made photos of one of such inventions: pop out roller skate sandals all the way from 1970s. Though their design is pretty cool, it seems like they would be very uncomfortable, since they totally lack ankle support.
02 Nov 2014 11:04:00