Play More More More Notepad

A fun notebook that I too wish I had when I was a kid. Play more more more, a finalist design at the European Design awards by Netherlands-based design studio Trapped in Suburbia, is an unique notepad aimed at encouraging “play” at work.
08 Aug 2014 13:47:00
Leviathan By Anish Kapoor

A single object, a single shape, a single colour,' is how Anish Kapoor summed up Leviathan, his response to the Monumenta challenge this year. Radically departing from Christian Boltanski’s busy collage-like approach in Personnes for Monumenta 2010, Kapoor has filled the 13,500 square metre space with a single cavernous entity which surges through the Grand Palais roof.
06 May 2014 13:11:00
Charlie The Boxer Dog

Photographed leaping, bounding, but most notably gurning with dopey pleasure, this two-year-old boxer's hilarious enthusiasm to catch his slippery chew toy is remarkably captured in his larger-than-life face.
12 Dec 2012 10:36:00
Jessica Hilltout : Amen-Grassroots Football

The images in Jessica Hilltout‘s Amen tell a gripping story of the joy soccer provides for Africa’s less fortunate. Inspired by her father, Hilltout set off to photograph soccer in Africa in all its shapes and sizes, coming to the conclusion that “the beautiful game exists in its purest form in what I saw — people playing for the joy of playing.”
18 Oct 2012 10:49:00