Swiss Company Turns People’s Ashes Into Diamonds

In the past people used to bury their loved ones or turn them into ashes. However, now there is a completely new possibility. Since having an urn with ashes in your house may be a bit weird, you may want to choose the option of turning your deceased relative into a diamond. Yes, diamond! You’ve heard us correctly. By using immense heat and pressure, the ashes you get after cremating a person can be turned into a real diamond. After this, the diamond can be left as it is, and stored in a jewelry box, or it can be used as a piece of jewelry, such as a ring or a pendant, allowing you to always keep your loved one close to your heart. (Photo by djd/Algordanza memorial diamonds)
20 Oct 2014 08:52:00
The World’s First ALL Diamond Ring

The world’s first all diamond ring was revealed by Shawish Jewelry and boasts 150 carats carved from a singe-faceted diamond. The all diamond ring costs a pretty penny at a whopping $68 million. I wonder with celebrity will try to nab it. The idea of an all diamond ring seemed to be a fantasy, yet the epitome of art.
27 Mar 2014 19:05:00