Giant Globe Made From Matches By Andy Yoder

Do you ever get the irresistible urge to light matches on fire, especially if there are many of them in one place? If you do, you shouldn’t come near the giant globe made by an American artist Andy Yoder. The thing is, this 42” globe is made entirely out of matches on the outside, while the center was made using plywood, foam, and cardboard. It took Andy two years to complete his work, finally finishing in 2014. Each of the matches used was hand-painted and then glued in place. Also, in order to prevent his masterpiece from catching fire, Andy Yoder has doused his work with a flame repellant.
27 Feb 2015 03:32:00
Viewing The Earth From Space

Despite any political differences between the United States and Russia, the space agencies of the two countries continue their cooperative work in Earth's orbit, aboard the International Space Station. Apart from the research being done in microgravity, ISS crew members continue to send back amazing images of our home world, photographed from low Earth orbit. Gathered here are recent images of Earth from aboard the ISS, and from a handful of other NASA satellites.
01 Jun 2014 12:36:00

Defined according to wikipedia it is “a recent and informal geologic chronological term that serves to mark the evidence and extent of human activities that have had a significant global impact on the Earth’s ecosystems. The term was coined by ecologist Eugene Stoermer but has been widely popularized by the Nobel Prize-winning atmospheric chemist Paul Crutzen.”

The images here where created by Felix Pharand-Deschenes depicting how various human influences, from road and rail, to internet cables and airlines create significant patterns covering the Earth. What can we learn from these patterns in how they are influencing the environment
19 Aug 2012 10:40:00